Getting Started


In this video, we'll help you…

  1. Download the VectorImpact App
  2. Set up your profile
  3. Import contacts

Accessing the App

There are three ways to get the VectorImpact App:

  1. Scan this QR code on your device. 

  2. Use the link provided to you by management.
  3. Go to on your device. 

Once you've done that, select your device type (iOS or Android) to download the app. 

After Installing (BEFORE OPENING THE APP):

For iPhone users - 

These steps are necessary because Vector is an Enterprise Apple Developer which allows us to host our own apps instead of putting them on the App Store. This makes it so that only people that are a part of a Vector team can access them.

  1. Go to your iPhone's Settings app and navigate to General.
  2. Select VPN & Device Management, and then Vector Marketing Corporation.
  3. Select Trust Vector Marketing Corporation, and then select Trust in the popup to confirm. 

For Android users - 

  1. Once the app has been installed, select Open.
  2. If your device says it the app is not yet allowed to install, navigate to Settings.
  3. Where it says Allow From This Source, toggle the switch to ON.
  4. Select the Back Button in the bottom right corner of your device.
  5. Select Install, and then Open. 

Registering Your Login

  • When you open the app, you will be asked for your 8-Digit Rep Number.
  • Enter your rep number, select Register, and enter your Last Name.
  • Create a password, re-enter the password, and then select Submit.

Setting up your profile

  • Adding your Profile Image:
    • Select Take Selfie or Choose Photo.
    • Grant access to your camera and/or photo library.
    • Take the picture or select your photo, crop, and select Save. 
    • Select Upload to finalize. 
  • Update your Preferred Name if applicable. 
  • Write a Bio for customers to view:
    • Good Example - "I'm a Mechanical Engineering major at Texas A&M University. I'm working with CUTCO to improve my presentation and interpersonal skills!"
    • If you plan on doing demos in Spanish or French, select the Language tab and write your bio in French or Spanish.
  • You can preview the text message that your customers can send to referrals to introduce you in a three-way SMS chat.
    • Select Add Custom.
    • Give your message a name.
    • Add your message to the Body field.
    • Finalize by selecting Save.
  • Once your profile is complete, click Save in the top right corner.

Import Contacts

  • Give app access to your contacts by clicking OK on the pop-up module.
    • This WILL enable the app to see your device’s contacts so you can sort through them and import prospects for your appointments.
    • This WON'T allow the app to modify these contacts on your device. However, it will be able to update any contacts that you make using the app in the future. 

Calendar Access

  • Give app access to your calendar by clicking OK on the pop-up module.
    • This is optional, but doing so will automatically sync your scheduled appointments to the calendar on your device.

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